[Never Say Diet] Let (Everyone) Eat Cake!

Today on Never Say Diet, I’m interviewing the always awesome Kate of Eat The Damn Cake about her new project. (Hint: That’s part of it, up there.) We chatted about cake until both of us were really hungry. Thank goodness I had some of my mom’s homemade mocha cheesecake in the fridge. (It’s the very best in the whole world, in case you were wondering.)

PS. Don’t forget, you also loved Kate when she did this guest post for us.


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One response to “[Never Say Diet] Let (Everyone) Eat Cake!

  1. Yay–love the photo project. It is sort of sad that cake-eating is a subversive exercise. But really, it is. Which makes me want to shovel some in my mouth and document it right now. That photo, btw, is awesome, because the woman has the ENTIRE piece on her fork. She’s not wasting any time. *Love*

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