Good Morning From Your Local Beauty Industry Spambot

Hey remember last month, in the Pretty Price Check, when I talked about the No! No! Hair Removal System? This is what I said:

No! No! Hair 8800 is the ridiculous name of this DIY hair removal device, voted At-Home Beauty Treatment of the Year by 50,000 consumers in an industry-sponsored survey. I hope everyone pronounces its name with an appropriate level of exclamation-point-indicated excitement. Or is it horror? (via GCI)

Well, look-y who wants to comment on that:

Author : no no hair removal system reviews
URL    :
Whois  :
So it is just $39 per box in the black market. Pretty worth it, I think! And imagine naming your product No! No!, sound ridiculous, don’t you think? But the name is just striking as it will stuck in every customers memory. But to think that No! No! products are quite effective and affordable and is one of the leaders in the hair removal industry.

I think we can all agree that the name is just striking and will stuck in our memories. But as to whether “$39 per box in the black market” is worth it… that’s the kind of big philosophical question that every spambot must decide for itself.



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