Beauty Schooled in Nylon! [April 2011 Issue]

Attention everybody! It’s time to race right out and pick up the latest issue of Nylon Magazine because my essay, “Lesson Plan,” appears on page 134.

It features a certain Client Nine who y’all know and love. Plus, can we talk about the amazingness of that illustration (by the uber-talented Malin Bergstrom) based on this infamous picture?

Beauty Schooled in April 2011 issue of Nylon

If the piece goes online, I’ll update this post with the link. In the meantime, you can also like Nylon on Facebook, because why not?



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5 responses to “Beauty Schooled in Nylon! [April 2011 Issue]

  1. Fantastic!!! You’re amazing!

  2. Ilona Fucci

    Dear Virginia: Good for you, Sweetie …. I love it that you’re being published everywhere! I’m still reading you everyday and I so enjoy all your interesting perspectives — and insights — about the world of beauty (one of my favorite planets!). It’s so wonderful that this “career from home” is really taking off for you.

    Best wishes to you and Dan ….

  3. How do you find the time? (Not to mention the brain power?) Congrats!

  4. Congrats, Virginia, this is huge! I really enjoyed your essay. I found your blog through it, going to read back on your archives now. 🙂

    xx Renee

    • Hi Renee! Thanks for the nice note — so pleased you found the blog through the Nylon story! Enjoy the archives… more Beauty U news coming soon!

      Looking forward to checking out Beauty Fool!


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