[Never Say Diet] Are You Paranoid About Your Armpits?

ArmpitsNo? How do you expect the antiperspirant industry to thrive with that kind of attitude? What kind of American are you? Get thee over to Never Say Diet so you can pick up the latest body part obsession du jour.

(Yes, that perfect armpit photo is being deliberately ironic. Obvs.)



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5 responses to “[Never Say Diet] Are You Paranoid About Your Armpits?

  1. Naturally another cosmetics company produces a study and spins the results to get a result that will sell more products.
    Fear sells.
    I’ve personally never thought about how my armpits look. But if 500 women are afraid of how their armpits look then maybe I should be to. (Or at least that’s the idea)

    I’d like to know how they framed the question too. Something like “Do you like how your armpits look?” could be misleading. Armpits in general aren’t attractive body parts. That doesn’t mean that we’re uncomfortable with our armpits and wish we could change them in some way.

  2. I very rarely think about my armpits, aside from the 30 seconds they take to wash on non-shower days. Eh. Happy to be in a place where this article/study doesn’t matter to me. At least about armpits.

  3. You wanna know something scary? I haven’t given two thoughts to my armpits since I was 9 (I freaked out over their discoloration, and then there’s this shot in Ghostbusters–hey, I was 9–where Annie Potts leans back with her arms up and her armpits are discolored in a totally normal way, and I figured out at age 9, “Oh, okay, this is NORMAL”).

    BUT yesterday at the gym I was doing lifts and caught a glimpse of myself–and instead of noticing my flexed muscle and toned chest, I saw my armpits and thought, Yuck. It was this instinctive thing I couldn’t control. I always think I’m impervious to this sort of thing, but I’m not–I only read about this last week and already it wormed its insidious little way into my brain.

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