Pretty Price Check (04.15.11)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of what we paid for beauty last week.

Jenna and son paint pink toe nails J Crew ad

Goodness, a girl gets sick for two days and the whole world erupts over a little boy in pink nail polish. In case you’ve also been living under a rock, Jon Stewart pretty much has the whole thing handled. Also you can sign a “Thank you J. Crew” petition over here. Now on with the Price Check.

  • A 7-year-old girl got plastic surgery for her big ears to stave off playground bullies. Which makes me want to cry. I am totally partial to little kids with big ears because ohmygod the cuteness! Now before you get mad, remember we hate the beauty culture, not the beauty culture victims. (Via Jezebel)
  • 30 percent of middle-aged black women who have worn too-tight braids, extensions and/or weaves also have bald patches and scarring on their scalps. (Via Medicinenet)
  • A 700 person survey confirms that fat stigma is going global, cropping up in formerly curve-loving places like Puerto Rico and American Samoa. (Via New York Times‘ Well Blog)

Now you probably need a laugh after all that sad stuff, so here is Stephen Colbert talking about armpits. Just like I did last week, whee!



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5 responses to “Pretty Price Check (04.15.11)

  1. Cora Roelofs

    Ok — just have to chime in with the real child abuse here — unnecessarily exposing her child to solvents — and perhaps phthalates to which she may have exposed him already in utero thereby leading to his gender confusion…I can see his future — a glue sniffing queen hanging around Port Authority. (Please nobody take my comments at face value — but still it’s really not ok use nail polish on any kid — girl or boy — somebody get a respirator on that child! What a picture that would make. Probably wouldn’t sell too many sweaters.)

    • Cora — awesome point! I thought the same thing when I first saw that picture. I was hoping maybe it was one of those nontoxic peel-off kid-safe polishes… but then I saw that J. Crew carries Essie polish. So um, probably not. Sigh!

    • Honestly, this is more akin to my initial reaction. The color of the polish, or the fact that a mom was painting her young son’s toenails isn’t what bothered me, at all, it was knowing what is in the nail polish.

  2. The whole thing is particularly ridiculous given this NFL player’s public pedicure pleasure:

  3. Smith

    Site Photoshop Killer can tell you whether the image was Photoshopped. Just submit the suspicious image and you can get the result. JPEG file’s exif tags are used to do such classifications.

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