[Never Say Diet] Is Size the New Glass Ceiling?

Virginia Sole-Smith iVillage Never Say Diet size bias at work

New research says that overweight women earn less than their thinner counterparts. But the same bias doesn’t seem to exist for men. What’s that about? Read more on Never Say Diet.

PS. Apologies for this Headless Fatty picture. Some days Getty is on fire with the great, body positive imagery. Other days, not so much. (At least it’s a model presumably paid to be headless, not some poor person shot walking down the street.)



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2 responses to “[Never Say Diet] Is Size the New Glass Ceiling?

  1. Here’s a wonderful gallery of heavy people in positive photos. I just did a bias lesson with my high school students about how online media portrayal of obese people actually contributes to the problem.


    No more excuses…now you have tons of great stock photos of fat people. 🙂

    • Ruth, thank you for this! I’m going to send it to my editor at iVillage. (Important caveat: They make the photo calls for Never Say Diet, not me — so I still have a teensy excuse! 😉 But I’ll continue to push for more diverse, positive imagery. This is a huge help!

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