[Never Say Diet] The Perfect Eater Problem

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Attention vegetarians: I come in peace! But you might not love today’s post. If so, blame Katie over on Health for the Whole Self. She started it by being some damn insightful and all.



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3 responses to “[Never Say Diet] The Perfect Eater Problem

  1. Marian Sole

    Many vegetarians also just oppose cruelty in all forms and any account of how most animals are raised in the US can only be described as torture. Even when humanely raised the issue of taking a life is thankfully difficult for most of us to contemplate doing ourselves.

  2. Ruth

    Two comments from me on your image choices in one day from me….check out this link about stock photos of women eating salad and laughing.


    Love your writing, by the way. I’m an ardent fan.

    • Ahahahahaha. I LOVE that salad-and-laughing gallery. And as a women’s magazine writer, have seen far too many such images matched up with my stories! Thanks for sharing and for reading Beauty Schooled!

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