Wanna See Where I Live? (Beauty Schooled in ReadyMade!)

But not in a creepy stalker way? Then you should get the new issue of ReadyMade, because me and my house (and my husband, Dan!) are totally in it.

ReadyMade Virginia Sole-Smith Dan Upham First Time Homeowners

My friend Amy (who is the RM deputy editor) brainstormed this fun package called “First Time’s A Charm” about first-time homeowners. And she asked me to write about why you should put a big hole in your wall the second you buy your first house. Because we did that.

You can read the whole thing and see more photos of our place (including one of our cat Arthur, ahhh, he’s totally famous now!) over here.

(Yes, this post has nothing to do with beauty or body image. Hello, it’s the first Friday of summer! Just roll with it.)

[Photo: Dan and Virginia on the porch by John Frances Peters.]



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4 responses to “Wanna See Where I Live? (Beauty Schooled in ReadyMade!)

  1. Ilona Fucci

    So adorable … both of you! Love to you both…

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