[Never Say Diet] What’s On Your Plate?

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My take on MyPlate, the government’s new food pyramid. It’s not perfect — and the meat/soda/processed food lobbies are a big reason why. But I do think it’s a total body image win. Read why on Never Say Diet today and tell me what you think!

PS. I actually tried to make my dinner plate look like MyPlate last night and the result was pretty satisfying. Especially when you count blackberry yogurt popsicles as your fruit and dairy. Oh man, I love summer.



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4 responses to “[Never Say Diet] What’s On Your Plate?

  1. Regann

    I was really surprised to see the news on this because it’s not new — this is actually the method my nutritionist has had me working from for the past few months. And, yeah, on hers, lots of dairy counts as protein instead of the milk serving. I don’t follow it perfectly but it’s an easy conceptual thing when I’m planning a meal.

    • Agreed! I’ve heard nutritionists give advice along the same lines for years, because it’s so simple and easy! Guess it just took the government awhile to catch on and realize that old food pyramid was no help to anyone…

  2. Love the idea of blackberry yogurt pops being a fruit and a dairy. They sound awesome.

    • Tammy. They ARE awesome. All you do is blend frozen blackberries (or really any frozen berry!) with yogurt, a litle lemon juice (keeps the berry flavor fresh), and as much honey/sugar as your sweet tooth demands. Then put in popsicle molds, freeze for a few hours, and oh MY!

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