[Never Say Diet] That’s So Pageant!

iVillage Never Say Diet Virginia Sole-Smith Miss USA Pageant

Breaking news: That’s so pageant! Is the new phrase I’m trying to make happen, ever since I listened in on the Miss USA press call on Tuesday and Bravo’s Andy Cohen (who apparently, everyone loves? All the entertainment journalists on the call were like, “OMG Andy, my mom says hi!” before they asked their questions?) said it.

Specifically, he said it to one of the Real Housewives, in reference to her hair, which he felt was so pageant. 

And you have to agree, that is hilarious. So now you’ll be saying it too and I’ll be a catchphrase genius, except really, it was all Andy Cohen, the darling of everyone’s mother. (And co-host of this year’s Miss USA.)

Anyway, today’s Never Say Diet post has nothing to do with my new catchphrase (not that I didn’t try to work it in there six times, surely to my editor’s great joy). And everything to do with how beauty pageants  — especially the scandal-riddled Miss USA — perpetuate the whole “do hate me because I’m beautiful” thing.

And that ain’t pretty. But it is so pageant. And, sigh.


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  1. Awesome post. I couldn\\\’t agree more with you.

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