Pretty Price Check (06.17.11)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of how much we paid for beauty this week.

Quickie announcement: Summer just about officially here, folks. And last summer, I didn’t really have a summer, because I spent 16 hours a week at beauty school, while still working 40-50 hours the rest of the time. Which was awesome, because I loved beauty school, but not awesome because I really, really love summer. So this year, I’m taking myself a good ole’ summer. Which might translate into some spottier blogging. (But how could you be spottier? You ask. And I say, hush!)

You know the three Never Say Diet posts aren’t going anywhere, but your Monday/Friday Beauty Schooled content might be (a little bit more) unreliable while I make plenty of time for reading trashy novels on the sun loungers in the backyard and eating Popsicles and such. 

I’m also going to be doing a lot of mulling from that lounge chair, about my beloved blog and new adventures we might go on. I’m not sure what they’ll look like yet (hence the easing up of the schedule to encourage my brain to do more than just tackle every day’s overflowing to do list!). But I welcome your suggestions and promise to keep you posted.

So with that in mind, let’s do a quick Pretty Price Check and then all blow off work early and go for a swim or something, yes? Yes!

  • Brazil is considering a quota that would require 20 percent of its Fashion Week models to be black, says The Cut.
  • Formaldehyde has just been added to the US Department of Health & Human Services list of carcinogens — at last!  — so No More Dirty Looks has this handy list of 7 ways to avoid formaldehyde in your beauty products. Must read.
  • This self-described “Human Barbie” mom gave her 7-year-old a $9,850 voucher for boob implants as a birthday present. Cue shock, horror, hand-wringing. Then please see my take on the Botox Mom and why we need to stop blaming the beauty standard victims already.
  • People are now paying $300 for hair feathers because there is a terrible feather shortage, reports Fashionista. I do like feathers but I do not understand this.
  • 16 percent of kids aged 10 to 12 are vomiting to make themselves lose weight, says this new study of 16,000 school children. And boys are doing it more than girls. Head. Spinning.
  • If you’re dying to know how the Big Six supermodels from the 1990s have aged, BellaSugar has you covered.

See you Tuesday!


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