[Never Say Diet] When Your Doctor Calls You Fat

iVillage Never Say Diet Virginia Sole-Smith Size Discrimination at the Doctor's Office

Today’s Never Say Diet is about the size discrimination issue that probably makes me the most mad: When doctors compromise the care of their overweight or obese patients because they just can’t see past the fat. Since I’ve started writing Beauty Schooled and Never Say Diet, I’ve learned a lot about the Health at Every Size model and it just makes so much more sense. Not to mention that it’s gross and disrespectful to make assumptions about a person’s health just by looking at them. Even if you have an MD.

So go check that out. And I’ll see you back here July 12 — I wasn’t kidding about taking it easy this summer! — I’m taking two weeks off because I’ve got not one, but two weddings to attend for two (well, really four!) of my very favorite people. I’ve written before about how the wedding industry takes our normal everyday standards of beauty and hypes them up to dizzying heights. So it has been downright awesome to watch these friends roll with that pressure, deciding what matters to them (like gorgeous, not-entirely-traditional dresses imbued with meaning and utterly fabulous shoes) and rejecting the rest.

More thoughts on all of that (ooh and maybe pretty pictures!) when I get back. Right now, I just can’t wait to celebrate them.

See you in two weeks!



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