[Never Say Diet] Stop Hating The Parts of Your Body That Don’t Exist

Whoops! Forgot to tell y’all about last Thursday’s Never Say Diet post last Thursday. So here we are (Happy Monday!):

It’s inspired by this post by Autumn over on The Beheld, plus the rather genius teachings of the Alexander Technique and it’s pretty straightforward: A lot of the body parts that cause you the most angst aren’t even really part of your body.

Trippy, right? And so freeing?! Liberate yourself from your metaphorical (and okay, literal, thanksGettystockimages) measuring tape chains. Like for real, yo.  

Oh and also, if you haven’t had a chance to read last week’s post about loving-yet-changing your body, check it out here. And then go read Decoding Dress’s response post because it’s pretty flipping smart. Ah, I love blog conversing!



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