[Never Say Diet] Sofia Vergara is Just Like Us (I Think)

iVillage Never Say Diet Sofia Vergara Virginia Sole-Smith

Okay, to be honest, this (iVillage-not-Virginia-generated) headline is overstating things a bit: You do not need to watch Sofia Vergara’s new commercial.

If you watch any television at all, chances are, it will stumble across your field of vision along with 54 billion ads for that new sitcom Whitney, which I’m now not watching just because they seem to want it too much. To say nothing of the Old Navy-rips-off-Tiffany commercial that I am really beside myself about.

So anyway, commercials are generally terrible (oh! I have even more on this theme tomorrow!) and you should DVR everything and do your best never to watch any of them.

But if this particular Kmart commercial happens to zoom by as you are fast forwarding, you might want to slow down and catch, like, ten seconds of it. Because it’s sort of weird and yet also strangely compelling and I think it makes me like Sofia Vergara even more than I did already.

And you can get more of my thoughts about that over on Never Say Diet, right now.


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