[Never Say Diet] Magazines Are Going to Photoshop, So At Least They Suck At It

iVillage Never Say Diet Photoshop Fails Virginia Sole-Smith

That’s the kind of generous find-the-silver-lining mood I’m in this week as I contemplate poor armless Kristen Stewart and Barbie-legged Beyonce up there. I mean, the more you know, right?

When images look this fake, you can’t interpret them as a reflection on yourself. Well you can. (Little kids do it with Disney princesses all the time.) But you’re a grown up (I presume), so you’re old enough to know better. Now the trick is how to remember this when you’re looking at the not-so-obviously-altered-but-still-totally-fake images that wallpaper the rest of our media-saturated world…Any ideas?

Warning labels or disclaimers seriously aren’t the worst idea I’ve heard.

Check out the full story over here on Never Say Diet.




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4 responses to “[Never Say Diet] Magazines Are Going to Photoshop, So At Least They Suck At It

  1. Ugh – can you imagine actually BEING one of those ‘shopped victims? I can’t fathom a life where almost every image I see of myself has been doctored in some way – talk about developing a distorted self-image.

    • Rebecca, no kidding! When I worked for a teen magazine in my early 20s, they occasionally drafted young staffers to pose for shots where they wanted “real girls” (Looking Worried on the advice column page, for example). And then subjected us to some mild airbrushing. (Oh the irony!) Seeing myself “cleaned up” (sans birth mark, blemishes, arm hair, etc) was totally disorienting… and I’m not just saying this, I really did like the real me better than the much more generic looking one in the magazine.

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