[Fun With Press Releases] This Would Be the Diet Industry, Hoping to Profit Off Your Freshman 15 Phobia.

Forgive me, because this is going to be rather … on the nose.

But when a press release like this arrives in my inbox in the very same week when I’ve been busy debunking the myth of the Freshman Fifteen, well, what’s a girl to do? Post it on her blog, of course.

Because while I was using science to explain why college students don’t actually gain as much weight as expected — and you all, in your thoughtful comments, added evidence to the theory that some of that weight gain might just be kids becoming adults — this “celebrity nutritionist” has figured out the real reason college freshmen gain weight.

And I don’t want to scare you.

But it’s because of the late night snakes.

Hi Virginia,
The dreaded “Freshman 15”
XXXX, Celebrity Nutritionist Is Here To Help All Those College Students Coming Home for the Holidays
The causes of the freshman 15 may seem to be common sense for many people but for those who don’t understand why they gain so much weight during the first year at a college this should help. Everyone is settling into their college life, finding out what works for them. However, somewhere along the way health gets put on the back burner. Next, you show up to Thanksgiving looking like the turkey. Here are some reasons:
  • Lack of exercise
  • Pulling all nighters (drinking/ studying)
  • Late night snakes
  • Keeping unhealthy snacks on hand (in the dorm room)
  • Not watching the calories you consume throughout the day
  • Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol
  • Unmotivated
Although the “Freshman 15” might be a litt bit of an exaggeration, most freshmen do gain 5 pounds.
Some Fun Facts about Freshman year: Cornell University researchers found that college freshman gain half a pound per week on average. That’s about 11 times more weight than the average 17-and 18-year old will gain, and nearly 20 times more than the average weight gain among adults. Both male and female college students eat approximately 500 additional calories between the hours of 8 p.m. and 4 a.m.
XXX’s Dorm Room Tips:
·         Get all the unhealthy snacks out of your dorm (yes the Ramen Noodles and Mac + Cheese have to go)
·         Walk to class! While the shuttles may seem to be a better option the exercise will help
·         Eat Breakfast and do not skip meals
·         Every campus has a gym and you already pay for it. Get there, even if it is 3 times a week
·         Try your best to get a full night of rest. This helps your overall health tremendously
·         Get involved in an intramural sport, it will keep you active and create an opportunity to meet new people
·         Keep an eye on what type of alcoholic beverages you are consuming, stay away from sugary mix drinks
·         Start a workout routine in your dorm room. You can start with something as small as 25 push-ups and sit-ups. You can gradually increase the number that you are doing.  
I hope you find these tips useful for your readers. If you would like to speak with XXXX RD, CNS, CDN, the Chief Science Officer of XXX, about what steps to take to lose the freshman 15 and keep it off I can be reached at XXX-XXX-XXXX.
Thank you,
XXXX RD, CNS, CDN and Chief Science Officer of XXXX
XXXX is a registered, certified clinical nutritionist appointed as Chief Science Officer for XXXX. With over 27 years of experience using innovative, complementary nutritional therapies in private practice, he has dedicated his efforts to research and product development for the dietary supplement and medical foods industries, where he has been instrumental in bringing unique nutritional substances and formulations to the health/dietary supplement industry.
XXXX is a clinically studied performance-enhancing formula designed to improve athletic performance through optimized recovery. This FDA submitted formula combines a blend of extended release proteins, anti-oxidants, and amino acids that meet the multi-nutritional needs of strength, speed, and endurance athletes.


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4 responses to “[Fun With Press Releases] This Would Be the Diet Industry, Hoping to Profit Off Your Freshman 15 Phobia.

  1. I got that same press release! Those late-night snakes, I take it, are a real menace.

  2. Syd

    Sad, sad, sad. Beware the late night snakes! Some one desperately needed a proof reader. Snacks. . . are part of life and nothing to be scared of.

  3. What if my intramural sports — ultimate frisbee and what we called “ravine romping” — were the cause of all my “late night snakes”? (No, seriously. There were totally snakes, among other wildlife.)

  4. Ahh I don’t even know if I have gained weight because I don’t have a scale, but I agree I think a lot of freshman really do gain weight. I think it also has to do with the cafeteria, because before my mom would give me food and I would eat whatever was in front of me. Now, the cafeteria is filled with fried, greasy foods and limited amount of fruits and vegetables. I now have to remind myself to try to eat healthy, and maybe skip the cafeteria cookies every once in a while. I can definitely see how many college students would gain weight due to excessive consumption of alcohol and unhealthy foods and late hours. Also, with the lack of sleep, it makes students hungry and the junk food consumed late at night does not help.

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