9,598 To Be Exact.

Hi there. Remember me? I’m that chick who went to beauty school, writes about beauty and body image and stuff, and then went MIA on you for all of last week without a warning.

Sorry about that.

The fact of the matter is, I had to write a 7,000 word story (that, hopefully, a few months from now — because that’s how time works in magazineland!  — I’ll be able to tell you all about) and let’s just say when you owe somebody 7,000 words, you don’t feel like you have a lot to spare for anybody else.

I did, however, also churn out my usual 1,500+ words for Never Say Diet, plus one extra post because of how we took a short week earlier in the month.

So here’s what you missed while I was typing all of the words in the world:

  • The xoJane girls have guts.  Anyone with midsection issues needs to go check out their Belly Project stat because oh my word, it will make you so happy.

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