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[Never Say Diet] Julie Bowen Doesn’t Need Your Sandwich Suggestions

iVillage Never Say Diet Julie Bowen Doesn't Need a Sandwich Virginia Sole-Smith

She is perfectly capable of ordering her own lunch, thankyouverymuch.

More to the point, this whole hating on skinny actresses thing has really got to stop. Or at least, just call it what it is: Good, old-fashioned, body snarking, just like when the kids on the playground called you fatty. (If they did that. In which case, I’m really sorry because it must have sucked. Just like… see where I’m going with this?)

As I explain in today’s Never Say Diet post, I am far from innocent in this, but I am working hard to reform. I have suggested sandwiches to skinny people myself many a time when I was feeling bad about my own body and/or particularly confused about all the many tangled messages we get about health, weight and beauty.

So that you sandwich-pushers out there don’t get too testy with me, I did a search for “sandwich” on this here blog to see what I needed to fess up about. There seem to be two.

April 1, 2010: I suggested that Lady Gaga eat a sandwich. Now, this was in response to her pronouncing that “pop stars should not eat,” and nobody could tell if she was being ironic… so maybe nobody could tell if I was being ironic either? But still. Very sorry.

November 18, 2009: I was very excited about that song “Barbie Eat a Sandwich” by Care Bears on Fire. Well… I still like that song. And the video where they chase a Barbie doll around with giant sandwiches. Maybe it’s because the sandwich is metaphorical, since Barbie is, after all, just a plastic icon for a giant corporation responsible for pinkwashing generations of little girls? And it’s okay to be snarky about corporations even though they are people too?

Certainly, if someone makes a video chasing Julie Bowen around with giant sandwiches, I am going to be pissed. Whatever is going on with her weight (which I cannot tell by looking at her and have not been informed about by anyone who has any reason to know), she’s a terrific actress, with rock solid comedic timing, making one of the best shows on television even funnier — and that’s why she won the damn Emmy.

And if she were a man, that’s all anyone would be talking about.




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[Never Say Diet] Plastic is (Not So) Fantastic

Barbie NEver Say Diet

Don’t get all googly-eyed on me about the recent Barbie and Ken lovefest. She still 11 inches of body image distorting plastic and that’s what I’m talking about today on Never Say Diet. (Where I’ll also be guest starring tomorrow and Thursday, yay!)

Go on, click and chime in.

PS. If you want to do even more to keep raising awareness about body image issues this week, check out the NOW Foundation’s Love Your Body video campaign. Hot.

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Pretty Price Check (03.12.10)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday roundup of how much we paid for beauty last week.

Wal-Mart prices black Barbie less than white Barbie photo

  • $3: Wal-Mart’s sale price on black Barbies, versus the $5.93 they charge for white Barbies. (Of course, both are a damn sight cheaper than the $74.98 Mad Men Barbies we talked about earlier this week). Wow, someone was asleep at the wheel on that one. (Great analysis over on Sociological Images.)
  • $500: How much some New Jersey women paid for black market butt injections — that turned out to contain mostly bathroom caulk. Figure does not include subsequent hospital bills. Please folks. If you’re going to inject stuff in your butt, spring for a board-certified plastic surgeon. This one is just too depressing on just too many levels. (Meanwhile BellaSugar notes that cosmetic surgery business was down by a whopping 2 percent last year. Assume black market procedures don’t factor in to that count.)
  • $13,000: What you’ll spend on cosmetics over the course of your lifetime, according to a new poll by UK retail chain Superdrug. (Also via BellaSugar where the commenters are trying to do their own tallies… with some pretty interesting results.)
  • 54: The percent of women who would “rather be hit by a truck than be fat,” says a University of Virginia online poll. Confidential to Glamour: Don’t get lazy now. We’ve got a lot more work to do.

[Photo via Sociological Images]


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Mad Men and Barbie: A Marketing Love Story

Mad Men Barbie photo

Consider today’s post a public service announcement for women’s studies majors everywhere: I have your senior thesis topic!

Today’s New York Times is reporting that Mattel will be releasing a set of collector’s edition (read: $74.98 a pop) Mad Men Barbie Dolls this summer.

Mattel is all about the brand synergy: The first Barbie came out in March 1959; the first episode of Mad Men was set in March 1960. But let’s talk about the brand irony: Betty Draper, the beautiful-yet-dead-inside Stepford wife as a Barbie doll? Well, yes, I think we knew that. So is literally marketing her as a Barbie doll a way of acknowledging Mattel’s 51 years of sexism? Or will it just encourage little girls (who are probably not DVR-ing the show and parsing its every nuance) to think they have to look just like January Jones to land a hottie like Jon Hamm?

Also, is it just me, or did they shave down the curves on Barbie Joan? Um, kind of a lot?

Mad Men Joan Holloway Photo

Ugh. Type, women’s studies majors, type as fast as you possibly can!

[Barbie photos via the New York Times; Joan Holloway photo cropped from Jewelry Gal Blog.]


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[Extra Credit] Barbie Chased by Giant Sandwich.

Extra Credit: Conversations about books, movies and other beauty industry buzz.

Thank you, Salon, for this amazingness. And Care Bears on Fire are not a moment too soon, because Barbie just opened her first flagship store earlier this year. In Shanghai. Obviously.

That’s on top of the 30+ Barbie Couture stores that are now scattered across Asia, Europe, and Latin America, offering “glamorous fashions and accessories for adult women.”

This new song also makes me feel so much better about Mattel re-recording Aqua’s “Barbie Girl”.

Example of a line they kept: “Life in plastic…it’s fantastic!” Irony being dead and what not.

[Photo Credit: CNN]


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