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Pretty Price Check (06.03.11)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of how much we paid for beauty this week.

Beauty Myth Naomi Wolf Virginia Sole-Smith Beauty Schooled

  • It’s been 20 years since Naomi Wolf published The Beauty Myth. And from where she’s sitting now, it’s mostly good news. I’m not so sure — but then again, I’m 16 years younger and she’s talking about how women feel about their bodies at midlife. More fully-formed thoughts on this to come next week after I’ve mulled. In the meantime, there is this:
  • 30 percent of women are “change agents” who define beauty for themselves, according to the 2004 Dove survey that Naomi Wolf quotes here. Rock on 30 percent! But didn’t we all sort of hope that number would be higher by now?
  • The kind of teenagers who get interviewed for New York Times Thursday Styles are now spending upwards of $750 on their prom dresses. I know I should be more horrified by this (it’s one night! Someone will probably puke on you!) but I feel like there’s always that one girl in the $1000 dress that everyone is all “it’s not even that special!” My senior prom dress cost $350 in 1999. In case you were wondering. And I sure did think that was an ungodly sum of money — and that it was the prettiest dress in the world! — at the time.
  • Teenagers also received 12,000 Botox injections in 2009 — nearly twice what was reported in the previous year. This concerns me way more than prom dresses. (Even though, I know, I know, I said the Botox epidemic was mainly fake earlier this week. I was talking about adults!) And apparently it concerns New Jersey too, where a pending bill may make Botox illegal for anyone under the age of 18. (Via CBS Philly)
  • The Norwegian National Register of Adverse Effects from Cosmetic Products received 96 reports of adverse effects from beauty products in the past two years. (Via EurekaAlert.)

PS. Not gonna lie, this trippy laser hair removal commercial does sort of capture my feelings about leg waxing.

[Photo: Beauty Myth, original cover, uploaded to Flickr by cdrummbks]



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[Never Say Diet] Is Botox the New Normal?

iVillage Never Say Diet Virginia Sole-Smith Is Botox the New Normal?

I don’t think so — but the media (like Dominique Browning who always has so much to say about this stuff) sure does.

Here’s why we kept getting swept up in the alleged cosmetic surgery epidemic. (And why it’s distracting us from the real problems.)


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[Never Say Diet] Ready For Your Close-Up?

In addition to making you extra paranoid about blinking, these tips for taking good Facebook photos are strangely gendered. Why do only women need to raise their eyebrows, but both men and women need lean their necks towards the camera?

And, I’m not gonna lie. I’ll probably try every last one of these next time I get my picture taken. Except for the Botox. I think.

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Pretty Price Check (03.25.11)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of what we paid for beauty last week.

Monster High Clawdeen

  • $16.99: The price tag on this Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Doll (yes, that’s the link so you can fact-check the price, no I’m not subtly suggesting you buy one), whose “Freaky Flaw” is her constantly growing leg hair. Gah. (Via Jezebel)
  • 8 years old: The age of this little girl, whose mother claims to give her monthly Botox treatments and a whole bunch of other not-age-appropriate beauty crap. Like Virgin Waxing. Everyone is understandably losing their minds about this. I’m still forming cohesive thoughts. Stay tuned. PS. BellaSugar thinks it’s all a hoax — I’m praying they’re right.
  • $49: What we pay, on average, for each pair of shoes of our average-size collection of 17. Only 33 percent have ever paid more than $100 for a pair. Dear Other 66 Percent: Please tell me where you shop! (Via Fashionista.)
  • 600 percent: How much Dove sales jumped after that whole “Real Beauty” campaign first launched. Which is old news… but now, new research confirms that women will buy more when companies use a more diverse range of models. So that’s cool. (Via MyDaily)
  • 1.1 million: The number of men who got plastic surgery in 2010. It’s up two percent. Specifically, ear surgery is up eleven percent. Is it possible men have found a body part to be insecure about that women — generally speaking, don’tgetmadifyouhateyourearsnow — don’t have to stress over? (Via the Good Men Project.)

And for more price of pretty business, check out my piece, “New Health Hazards at Salons and Spas,” which is in the current issue of Health Magazine and online at CNN.com.

You’ll see my buddy Alexandra Spunt quoted in the intro. Alas, a  mysterious editing glitch cut out my mention of her book, but y’all know and love her as the fabulous co-author of No More Dirty Looks.

PS. Pole Dancing For Jesus is a thing now. Just thought you should know.

[Screenshot of Clawdeen’s bio from over here. Again, no endorsement.]








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Pretty Price Check (12.10.10)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of how much we paid for beauty this week.

photo of $132,000 nail polish

  • $132,000: The price tag on this bottle of nail polish. It’s mostly cause of the bottle, which is covered in 1,118 inlaid diamonds. (Diamond-free bottles of the same color sell for around $10.) Golly, I hate when brands pull these “we will stun you with how expensive we can make this product!” gimmicks. (Victoria’s Secret stupidly uncomfortable diamond-encrusted bras, am talking directly to you.) I mean, of course I can make something super expensive if I cover it in diamonds. How is this even a challenge? Especially when the polish inside is no (safer/greener/more effective) better quality than the sh*t you usually make? (Via BellaSugar)
  • $30,000 per month: The price of many new eating disorder programs, as hospitalization rates have increased. Sad on about a hundred levels. (Via Jezebel)
  • 50 percent: The amount of “muscle wastage” (read: sagging) that rats experienced after being injected with Botox. Forget what I said, I’m back to being scared about this. (Via The Cut)
  • 9: The number of pairs of shoes that 80 percent of women say they own but don’t wear because they’re too uncomfortable. You’re probably reeling from this information. I thought, “Only nine?” And then: SIGH. (Via Lemondrop.)

Thanks for being patient with a light posting week, kittens.  I’m swimming in pre-holiday deadlines and don’t want to sacrifice quality by throwing up any ole kind of post just to keep you reading. Because I respect you too much. But I’m also swimming in half-written high quality posts, so don’t fret, more good stuff coming your way very soon. (In the meantime, you really should follow me on Twitter to get your Beauty Schooled fix, because oh boy, am I interesting over there, in a pithy, 140-characters kind of way.)

Have a great (and potentially very snowy depending on your geographic location) weekend!



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And Once Again, I Fear We’ve Lost the Plot.

Sure, you’ve got election results to tally and Halloween candy to finish. But this just in, from MSNBC: A Canadian woman escaped a DUI charge because her recent Botox injections prevented her from being able to blow for the breathalyzer test. Continue reading


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Pretty Price Check (04.30.10)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of what we paid for beauty this week.

Anna Wintour and Meryl Streep are the Devil Wears Prada photos

  • $42,500: How much the highest bidder paid for a week “working” at Vogue in a charity auction to benefit the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights. My favorite part is that “the experience” was originally valued at $10,000. Because that’s a typical entry level fashion magazine weekly salary. (Via The Cut.)
  • $3000: What Jude Law dropped on La Mer wrinkle cream at Nordstrom this week. Because you asked.
  • 4,795,357: The number of Botox injections administered in 2009. Which is down four percent from 2008. But is still 4,795,357 shots of Botox. Average cost? $405 a pop. (Via Jezebel and the New York Times.)

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