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Pretty Price Check, plus Fun New Thing! (07.15.11)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of how much we paid for beauty this week.

Nail Art Awesomeness

  • The New York Times has 10 interesting takes on why wild nail polish has gone mainstream, including an awesome one on why no more formaldehyde helped. Can I just say how much I heart nail art? Happy sigh.
  • Tom Hanks is 11 years older than Julia Roberts, his love interest in Larry Crowne — and Amanda Marcotte is noticing he’s not the only dude getting to rob the cradle on the big screen right now. Which is not to hate on May-December relationships, but more to ask we we can’t see older actresses getting these parts and even — wait for it! — looking their actual age?
  • 10 percent of babies aged 0 to 2 are overweight. People are upset about this. I feel sort of like how I feel when the vet says my cat is fat. Which is to say I mostly think it’s cute and also: Chill, people. (via Jezebel and yes, yes, I know, comparing cats to human babies is yet more proof I’d be a very questionable mother.)
  • Kate Middleton might only weigh 95 pounds now. Except this is probably shamelessly inaccurate, sloppy journalism. And also, what if we all just relaxed about the princess and her weight? (Via The Examiner and Peggy Orenstein’s Facebook page where I was a little surprised to see the comments go in a rather disturbing “that is so sick” direction, sigh…Hate the game, not the player, people!)

Fun New Thing! Is so fun. And I was going to tack it onto this post, but I’ve decided it’s so very fun, it deserves its own post. So get excited… and I’ll be back later this afternoon to tell you more!

[Photo: Multi coloured leopard nails! by terri_jane via Flickr.]

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[Never Say Diet] Don’t Hate on Kate. About Her Weight.

Or what she ate. Or other things that rhyme with Kate… oh dear. Mondays after big weekends are always a little rough, excuse the puns. Why don’t you just go read why I’m not into all this “Kate Middleton is too skinny” talk over here.


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[Never Say Diet] Princess Perfect

Princess Perfect Kate Middleton Royal Wedding Never Say Diet Virginia Sole-SmithY’all know I have some strong feelings about princesses. Which means the Royal Wedding cannot pass us by without a discussion of the relationship between princess culture, beauty and body image. Only this time, it’s not just the kids we’re worried about.

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Pretty Price Check (04.22.11)

U by Kotex Tween Line Pretty Price Check Virginia Sole-Smith

  • 33: The number of women on Time’s 100 Most Influential People List — up from 31 last year, still nowhere near to a nationally representative sample. And though I do enjoy the implied gender equality of letting Prince William and Kate Middleton share a spot, I question this definition of “influence.” (Time via Jezebel, who is all “whatevs as long as the Tiger Mom gets her due.”)
  • 26 to 39: The age group of women who were most likely to appreciate their bodies for what they could do, not just how they looked in a recent study. Women over the age of 39 were most likely to worry that others wouldn’t accept their bodies if they weighed more. Sad. (Via Ohio State University)
  • 30 percent: How much using talc-based powder cosmetics could increase your overall risk for ovarian cancer. So… maybe less of that, then. (Via MedPageToday)
  • 63 percent of women carry a lip gloss in their purse. And yet I can never find mine when I actually want it. Why? (Via American Spa)
  • $28: The price of a lip gloss that claims to help you lose weight. Yes really. Except it wouldn’t work for me because I still can’t find my g-d lip gloss. (Via Dances With Fat)


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