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Pretty Price Check (04.22.11)

U by Kotex Tween Line Pretty Price Check Virginia Sole-Smith

  • 33: The number of women on Time’s 100 Most Influential People List — up from 31 last year, still nowhere near to a nationally representative sample. And though I do enjoy the implied gender equality of letting Prince William and Kate Middleton share a spot, I question this definition of “influence.” (Time via Jezebel, who is all “whatevs as long as the Tiger Mom gets her due.”)
  • 26 to 39: The age group of women who were most likely to appreciate their bodies for what they could do, not just how they looked in a recent study. Women over the age of 39 were most likely to worry that others wouldn’t accept their bodies if they weighed more. Sad. (Via Ohio State University)
  • 30 percent: How much using talc-based powder cosmetics could increase your overall risk for ovarian cancer. So… maybe less of that, then. (Via MedPageToday)
  • 63 percent of women carry a lip gloss in their purse. And yet I can never find mine when I actually want it. Why? (Via American Spa)
  • $28: The price of a lip gloss that claims to help you lose weight. Yes really. Except it wouldn’t work for me because I still can’t find my g-d lip gloss. (Via Dances With Fat)


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