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Pretty Price Check [04.01.11]

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of what we paid for beauty last week.

  • $72: What you’ll pay for this insane night bra, which separates and moisturizes your cleavage to prevent wrinkles. You know I couldn’t not include this. (Via The Hairpin)
  • 29: The age when most women start to feel old, according to a new survey. Of course, men don’t feel old until they’re 58. As someone who is just 30 days away from not being 29 ever again, I call bullsh*t on this whole thing. (Via MyDaily)
  • 500 hours: How long it took to make Lady Gaga’s 14-inch high platform boots. That’s only 100 hours less than I spent in beauty school! Best part: “The boots have flying unicorns and rainbows and say ‘Born This Way.'” So, there’s your Friday Happy Hour chatter sorted. (Via The Cut)
  • 1 in 3 women feel more confident when their “armpits are in good condition.” This stat from a WSJ story about how Dove is “tackling the ugly underarm” but I’m choosing a glass-half-full interpretation: 2 in 3 women (in other words, the vast majority) don’t let their pits determine their worth as human beings. This, my friends, is what we call progress. (Via Jezebel.)
  • 43 percent: The decrease in liposuction procedures performed since 2000. Yet weirdly, boob jobs are up 40 percent. I have no idea what to make of either of these facts. (Via Jezebel.)
  • $12,275: What a Mary Kay Lady can expect to pocket, assuming she can move a whopping $50,000 worth of product per year. (Via PinkTruth)

PS. Fat Talk is bad for you. Like, for real now. So hush up, you’re pretty already!

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Pretty Price Check (03.04.11)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of what we paid for beauty last week.

First up! You still have 48 hours to take a picture of pretty self, all made up with clean cosmetics and enter it in the No More Dirty Looks Clean Makeup Challenge. The prize is $100 gift certificate to Spirit Beauty Lounge. Where you can get a heck of a lot of pretty for that price. So get on that.


  • $3.8 million: What you’ll pay for the world’s most expensive purse. And it doesn’t even look big enough to hold your cell phone. (Via The Cut)
  • 97 percent: How many of us have negative thoughts about our bodies every day, according to the latest “Wait? Women have body issues? And the sky is blue?” survey by Glamour. (Via BlogHer)
  • 18: How old you’ll have to be to use a tanning bed if New York and other states pass their Teen Tan Bans. Fun fact: 80 percent (or something) of skin cancer-causing sun damage happens before the age of 18. So this makes pretty good sense. But of course, the industry is offended by the notion that they put children’s health at risk. (Via MyDaily)
  • 14: The number of states that have banned those pedicures where tiny fish eat the dead skin off your feet. Public health officials in the UK are investigating to determine whether this practice is downright revolting, or just icky. (Via Jezebel.) Continue reading


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And one more.

I know, I know. Now you’re just going to think I’m some kind of guest posting slut, popping up all over town like this. Which is somewhat appropriate (in the most feminist, reclaimed, empowered sense of the word slut, obvs) since this one is a Q&A over on MyDaily, with the fabulous Rachel White, author of the blog Rabbit Write and creator of Lady Porn Day!

And here you thought President’s Day was a hoot. (Note: All of those links are pretty PG, but if you keep on clicking around Rachel’s site, you might find some stuff that is NSFW. And now you’ve been warned, so enjoy!)

PS. Just in case all of these guest posts are making anyone anxious: Do not fret. I’m just being extra social this week. There are some new blogging developments in the works, and I look forward to telling you more about all of that asap  — but Beauty Schooled is and will remain my true blog love, with plenty of published-here-only content coming atcha.

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I’m Talking about Butts Now on Never Say Diet

Never Say Diet Post on Butts

So obviously, you’re going to need to click here right away.

PS. Other Beauty Schooled Around the Interweb adventures include Monday’s post scoring a Jezebel repub and lots of business by me over on MyDaily. Enjoy!

PPS. Just in case you haven’t voted yet, I’m still real eager to hear your thoughts on which kind of Beauty Schooled content you love and hate the most. That poll is over here. Thanks!

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Pretty Price Check (02.11.11)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of what we paid for beauty last week.

OB Tampons

  • $39 is what you’ll pay for a box of the suddenly scarce OB tampons on the black market (otherwise known as Amazon). Ladies (especially you, Kate) I’ve got six OB tampons left in my bathroom cabinet and I accept all forms of payment including cash, J. Crew gift cards, and trips to the beach. (via MyDaily)
  • 67 women exhibited less proficiency at math after being looked at as sexual objects, according to this new study. The math abilities of the 83 men in the study were not impacted. (via The Hairpin)
  • No! No! Hair 8800 is the ridiculous name of this DIY hair removal device, voted At-Home Beauty Treatment of the Year by 50,000 consumers in an industry-sponsored survey. I hope everyone pronounces its name with an appropriate level of exclamation-point-indicated excitement. Or is it horror? (via GCI)

A short (but to the point!) Price Check this week, so I’m hoping y’all will stick around for another minute or two and take this quick poll about what you’d like to see less/more/most of here on Beauty Schooled. Continue reading


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More on That Bathroom Scale.

Vintage Kitchen Scale

First up! A new version of this post about feminists and diets is up on AOL’s MyDaily.com. So you can go check that out here.

And between retooling that piece for MyDaily/reading all of your excellent comments on it and on my take on bathroom scales/losing two pounds in two weeks and then half a pound in another two weeks, facts I am only privy to because I have started weighing myself again (biweekly)… WELL.

I’ve been having some further thoughts about all that jazz, which I wanted to share today. Continue reading


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Pretty Price Check (01.07.11)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of what we paid for beauty last week.

Amy Palanjian Homemade Makeup on Better TV

Well look at that! It’s a screen grab (because I can’t figure out how to bring the video over) of my best friend Amy Palanjian (deputy editor of ReadyMade Magazine, wearer of my purple dress) demonstrating how to make your own makeup over on Better.tv. I am especially excited about the beet root lip gloss, which, btw, she learned from our pals, the No More Dirty Looks ladies, who recently shared their DIY tips in the mag.

So go watch the video and learn stuff. (Maybe 2011 will be year I get over my DIY Beauty Product Fear… ) Then come on back, because we’ve got LOTS to Price Check today: Continue reading


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