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Michele Bachman’s Dating Advice and Other News

iVillage pulled me off the body image beat again last week so I could bring you these two breaking news stories:

  • While Michele Bachman believes a woman can be President (I mean, as far as we can tell from her campaign efforts) but she sure doesn’t think it’s okay for a girl to do something crazy, like call a boy up for a date.

And while I’m throwing links at you, here are a few other articles of mine that came out recently(-ish) and are making the rounds of the interweb. Click, link, love, etc.



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[Never Say Diet] Can You Be Addicted to Food?

Addicted to Food

Oprah and Tennie McCarty — “maverick” eating disorder therapist and star of the Oprah Winfrey Network’s new show “Addicted to Food” sure think so.

I have more complex opinions about this than can be whittled down to a 500 word blog post, but Tennie and I had a pretty interesting conversation, which you can check out over here. (You can get more of the  science behind our understanding of food cravings and addictions in my story, “Must. Have. Chocolate,” in the current issue of Fitness.)

And then, tell me what you think: Does addiction rhetoric about food help ED sufferers? Or does it just fuel negative stereotypes about them being sneaky and food-obsessed? (No, I am not saying all addicts are sneaky and obsessed, just that the word “addict” is well, super loaded in our culture.) Does a 12-step program apply when the source of your “addiction” is something you have to interact with every day?

I know a lot of you have way more expertise in this arena than me, so please, educate away! Over there and here.


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[Beauty Overheard] Teri Hatcher Moves Forehead, Squints Eyes

I’m apparently on a bit of an “older actress” theme with these at the moment. Continue reading


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[Beauty Overheard] So Yes, Serena Williams is a Nail Tech Now

Serena Williams Goes to Nail School

We touched on this yesterday (when Jezebel posted the video over here), but I think Serena Williams giving Oprah a pedicure deserves a closer look-see, don’t you?

First, we’ll deal with the obvious: Serena Williams is going to beauty school and blogging about it (over at Global Grind). This is going to have you asking some questions. Like, how do I handle being so awesome that even international tennis sensations are copying me? Understandable. I wonder that, too.

But it’s important to remember that as much we have in common (beauty school, blogging, awesomeness), Serena and I can be different too. Like, the tennis thing. And Serena has her own special reasons for going to beauty school. Continue reading


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Pretty Price Check (03.26.10)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of how much we paid for beauty this week.

Oceans of Bras Photo from Beijing

First! A quick reminder to all you feministly-inclined bloggers about next week’s Feminist Carnival. I want anything and everything you’ve written on beauty, body image, products, or the like. (Preference will be given to posts fitting the theme, but if you’ve written anything just amazingly kick-ass and feminist, feel free to submit that too — I’ve gotten a couple of great ones so far, and might include a “not beauty but awesome” section.)

Submit links here or email me on beautyschooledproject [at] gmail [dot] com. Deadline is 10:00 PM Monday (March 29). (So go on, do it now!)

Now… ready, set, Price Check:

  • 36DD: Our nation’s median bra size. (Up from a 36C two years ago.) Because you asked. And because everyone is saying it’s all due to Oprah. So do we just automatically give her credit for everything now? (Via The Cut.)
  • 20 percent of women (and 10 percent of men) describe themselves as unattractive, up from just 1 percent in 1998. (Via Mother Jones where there are so many more horrifying stats like this.)
  • 40 percent of Americans won’t accept any amount of money to give up our favorite food (pizza, cupcakes, what have you). A third say it would take $1 million. After the above stat, I find this comforting. (Via Her Two Cents, which makes a great point about how unhelpful that “all or nothing” diet mentality is anyway! Hmmph.)
  • 16: The new age minimum for models hired by Michael Kors. Yes. More of this, please. Stylelist positions this as being good for body standards (more woman-sized women on the runways), and amen, sister — but let’s not forget that runway models work insanely long hours, are sometimes paid only in clothes, and have their bodies and faces picked apart by hundreds of bitchy fashionistas (and nice ones, but you know). How was that ever considered a healthy work environment for kids in the first place?
  • $30 million: How much the Jordan cosmetics industry earns per year selling products made with mud from its side of the Dead Sea. Sounds like a lot, but Israeli brands like Ahava earn five times that amount — so Jordan wants a bigger piece of the (mud) pie. What none of these companies seem to mind: The fact that the Dead Sea’s surface level is sinking three feet every year, and might be entirely dried up by the year 2050. Maybe we should figure out a more sustainable plan for that little problem before we fight over who has the most mud? (Via Google News.)
  • $140,000: What the Personal Care Products Council (that’s the beauty industry’s main trade group) spent on government lobbying in the 4th quarter of 2009. Expect that number to go way, way up as debate over reform for the Toxic Substances Control Act heats up. (Via ABC News.)

[“Oceans of Bras” photo via Jenbrea on Flickr.]

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Pretty Price Check (02.05.10)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of how much we paid for beauty last week.

$300: The value of the grab bag you could win if American Apparel decides you have the Best Bottom in the World. (Via The Cut.) Or here’s a better idea: Join the just-launched American Apparel Girlcott by sending Dov this great protest letter.

85: The percent of American women who are walking around wearing the wrong-sized bra according to Oprah and every women’s magazine ever. Except, maybe that’s not quite true says Kate Harding over on Salon’s Broadsheet, who suggests grown-up women are capable of figuring out whether their boobs are comfy without an intervention from those relentless Victoria’s Secret saleswomen.

3,163: The number of chemicals potentially involved whenever you see the word “fragrance” on a beauty product. Manufacturers claim fragrances are proprietary formulas, so they don’t have to spell out which ones they use on the product’s label, but the International Fragrance Association finally succumbed to pressure from curious consumers like you and published the whole list. The bad news? EWG’s Envirobloggers found 1 in 20 ingredients on the list rate a “high hazard” score in their Skin Deep database.

75: The percent of American girls who rate fashion as “really important,” according to a Girl Scouts of America survey. And this would be why it matters when magazines only show skinny models (plus the new token normal-sized naked one) and claim it’s because the designers only send them sample sizes. (Via Jezebel.)

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