On Really Liking All Of You

Because I like you all SO much!

I’ve been delightfully inundated with your sweet comments and emails this week, in response to Tuesday’s post about my body not liking me right now. I won’t lie — I was nervous to press publish on that post. Migraines and cysts are the kind of “female complaints” that carry no small amount of crazy girl stigma, and I worried I’d come off as unwrapped, self-indulgent or just… weak.

But you guys reminded me that we don’t fight stigma by succumbing to it. And hearing from those of you who have dealt with this same kind of nonsense reminded me that I’m not alone — which is a cliche, but also, everything.  Apologies to anyone I haven’t yet responded to directly. Please know that I’ve read what you wrote and am so thankful for it.

And also: Please know that I am okay. At least, it’s been five days now since a migraine or a Horace flare-up. We’ll take it!

I’m not out of the woods — yesterday, my doctor and I made the tough decision to cancel a trip to visit family in the UK, which I was supposed to take next week, because we have every reason to expect Horace back for the kind of party then that would make air travel completely miserable. (You’re welcome, everyone who would have been my fellow passengers on that American Airlines flight.) This is the first time these problems have caused me to completely miss out on Something Big, and it sucks. But there has been at least one potentially positive development on the health front and I’ll be writing more about that when it seems appropriate. Without turning this into a sad sack sick girl blog, I promise.

In cheerier news, we’re going to be getting back to regularly scheduled programming around here as much as the above circumstances allow. And be sure to check back here later today — my website redesign is thisclosetodone and I’ll be unveiling the goods.



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