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Pretty Price Check (04.29.11)

The Pretty Price Check: Your Friday round-up of how much we paid for beauty this week.

Maddy's Place 5 Year Old Makeup Guru

  • $70 unworn sweatpants were destroyed upon return to Victoria’s Secret, reports The Hairpin. Look, VS, I think pants that say “Pink” on the butt are hella tacky too, but that kind of waste is stomach-churning.
  • 30 percent of anorexia sufferers never recover, say some experts. But as this New York Times story points out, the definition of “recovery” is vague at best.
  • 50 percent of girls aged 3 to 6 think they’re fat, reports Sadie Stein over on Jezebel. I’m just going to have to let that one sink in. It’s a little too sad for witty banter.
  • $6000 jaw shaving surgery is becoming all the rage among China’s new middle-class says the New York Times. More fun news: China’s new plastic surgery industry is highly unregulated, leading one expert to call it a “medical disaster zone.”

And for those of you still coming down from the Royal Wedding pageantry high — Peggy Orenstein has your antidote.

PS. I’ll be taking Monday off in honor of the other headline-making event happening this weekend — my 30th birthday! See you Tuesday with new Never Say Diet action.

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[Never Say Diet] Princess Perfect

Princess Perfect Kate Middleton Royal Wedding Never Say Diet Virginia Sole-SmithY’all know I have some strong feelings about princesses. Which means the Royal Wedding cannot pass us by without a discussion of the relationship between princess culture, beauty and body image. Only this time, it’s not just the kids we’re worried about.

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[Never Say Diet] Body Image Issues: Strong Enough For a Man

Body Image Issues: Strong Enough for a Man Never Say Diet Virginia Sole-Smith

“I’m like, it’s not rainbows and lollipops,” says the man’s man in a new Weight Watchers ad campaign that debuted Sunday. “This is a plan for MEN.”

Are you clear on the distinction? Men like beer. (So Weight Watchers has created a Beer Cheat Sheet for them.) Women like… rainbows and lollipops. (Also ponies. And dotting the letter “i” with a heart. Because we’re all six.)

Here’s why the diet industry’s decision to target male consumers is bad news for everyone.

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[Never Say Diet] Be Nice to Your Before Body

Never Say Diet Be Nice to Your Before Body Virginia Sole-Smith

I’m talking about how Before & After Photos mess with your head — and disconnect you from your Always Body today on Never Say Diet.

One quick note. [And a warning! This might be triggering for some folk. Skip it and go read today’s post if that’s the case for you.] Otherwise, keep on reading… Continue reading

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Beauty Schooled is on Marie Claire!

"The Price of Beauty," by Virginia Sole-Smith Marie Claire

Because I know you never get tired of reading about me performing bikini waxes. But this piece, which just got published on, is actually about the art of the upsell.

Which I’ve touched on before — like over here — but never in quite this much useful detail. It even includes a handy sidebar on how to get the spa service you really want. And people, it is big news for a women’s magazine to do a story like this, even online. So click, check it out, and pretty please, leave some comments, tweet it and Facebook Like It, if you do?

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Pretty Price Check (04.22.11)

U by Kotex Tween Line Pretty Price Check Virginia Sole-Smith

  • 33: The number of women on Time’s 100 Most Influential People List — up from 31 last year, still nowhere near to a nationally representative sample. And though I do enjoy the implied gender equality of letting Prince William and Kate Middleton share a spot, I question this definition of “influence.” (Time via Jezebel, who is all “whatevs as long as the Tiger Mom gets her due.”)
  • 26 to 39: The age group of women who were most likely to appreciate their bodies for what they could do, not just how they looked in a recent study. Women over the age of 39 were most likely to worry that others wouldn’t accept their bodies if they weighed more. Sad. (Via Ohio State University)
  • 30 percent: How much using talc-based powder cosmetics could increase your overall risk for ovarian cancer. So… maybe less of that, then. (Via MedPageToday)
  • 63 percent of women carry a lip gloss in their purse. And yet I can never find mine when I actually want it. Why? (Via American Spa)
  • $28: The price of a lip gloss that claims to help you lose weight. Yes really. Except it wouldn’t work for me because I still can’t find my g-d lip gloss. (Via Dances With Fat)


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[Never Say Diet] Pretty Disturbing

Never Say Diet Fashion Model Study Virginia Sole-Smith

Looking at “perfect” models in women’s magazines (or ahem, on women’s websites) makes you feel better about your body — but twist! Only if you’re already on a diet. Because you don’t like your body. Wrap your head around that one over on Never Say Diet today.

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[Never Say Diet] More Research Supports Theory that Fat People Are Contagious

Never Say Diet Virginia Sole-Smith fat stigma study

Today on Never Say Diet: Here you thought you were just enjoying a nice dinner with friends — but breaking research shows you could be catching omgdeathfat!

Someone, please. Hide the children. Now go click over and read the piece. Quickly! Before it’s too late.

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Three Things You Need to Know to Be a Good Salon Client

Beauty Schooled The Beheld Virginia Sole-Smith Be a Good Salon Client

And you thought yesterday was awesome, what with me talking all about beauty and feminism and the sisterhood of the Brazilian. (Are we making that a thing yet? C’mon!) Today I’m over on The Beheld again, talking about the three things you need to know to be a good salon client.

Hint: One of them is so important, it gets it’s own page on Beauty Schooled, up where it says Tipping Point in the header.

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[Never Say Diet] Taking Candy From Strangers Is A Bad Weight Loss Strategy

SlenderPOPs weight loss candy is a terrible idea (iVillage Never Say Diet by Virginia Sole-Smith)

But that won’t stop the diet scam industry from trying to sell you some of these sketch weight loss lollipops. Because these shysters* are jumping on the forbidden food band wagon with all those beauty brands that I am forever lecturing.

*I just remembered about this word and am now wanting to work it into every other sentence.

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