Feminist Blog Carnival No. 16: Beauty Edition!


It’s Feminist Blog Carnival day!

I know, you could hardly sleep last night with excitement. (I too could hardly sleep because I was busy reading through the many, many awesome submissions. And also excited.)

Thanks so much to everyone who sent in work. We’ve got a lot of amazing-ness here, so I’m just going to dive right in. Start clicking!

On working in the beauty business:

Karen Greco of BeautyOlogy says dismissing the work of beauty professionals wouldn’t be so easy to do if the industry employed mainly men in Sexism on the Front Lines: A Beautician Bites Back.

Jamie Silberberger of The AFA Blog talks about how to get a more socially responsible mani-pedi in Why We Must Protect Nail Salon Workers From the Toxic Trio.

On accepting your body:

Julie Goodale of Fitness for Survivors on Body Image After Breast Cancer – A Story Of Time, Acceptance, And A Little Exercise.

Look left of the pleiades gets on board with her booty in My arse.

Persephone Pomegranate of Voices of Dissent embraces her body hair in Double Standards – The Issue of Body Hair.

Exercise psychologist Michelle Segar of Essential Steps talks about appreciating what your body can do, not just how it looks in How to EmBODY Gratitude.

On beauty advertising:

Stacy Malkan of Not Just A Pretty Face has a Dear Drew Barrymore letter about that COVERGIRL campaign. (You remember. This one.)

Elizabeth Kissling of Society for Menstrual Cycle Research talks about the Kotex Anti-Ads.

On LGBT beauty:

Melissa Walker of iheartdaily on why it’s cool for a girl to wear a tuxedo and take her girlfriend to prom.

On beauty and consumerism:

this ain’t livin’ dissects teen girls’ shopping power in Look At Those Silly Girls and Their ‘Haul Videos’.

Sarah Burns of Consumer Search keeps us safe from DIY wrinkle removers (yikes!) in Pretty Ugly.

Heather Wood Rudulph of Sirens discusses Is Selling Our Bodies a Last Resort or a First Instinct?

On Jessica Simpson’s The Price of Beauty (Um, you’ll recall, I had strong feelings on this one myself):

Alicia of Peace X Peace is annoyed by the show’s over-simplifications in Confessions of a Not-so-Simple Beauty.

Ms. Blogger Courtney Young gives Jess a Thumbs Down.

Novelist Philana Marie Boles of The LOVE Spot thinks Jessica is taking a step in the right direction (and has some ways to trim your own beauty spending) in Beauty Budget: What’s Yours?

On other beauty/pop culture stuff:

franklyfeminist talks about Lady Gaga’s glamorization of prison in Thanks Lady Gaga for that triumph of misogyny.

A Canadian Lefty in Occupied Land explores Alice’s Gender Journey in Wonderland.

fbomb reassures us that televised gender stereotypes are being enforced on both sides of the pond with  Ladette to Lady: How to be an Acceptable Human Being.

Lina Talks About Writing explores beauty standards in video games in Beauty Trumps All.

On beauty and weddings:

Sara of 2000dollarwedding on finding meaning in your wedding dress (beyond how hot you look) in Postcard #1: The Embroidered Wedding Dress. (Also, if you’re in the thick of wedding/beauty madness right this minute, check out her Letter to the Bride for a delightful dose of sanity.)

Meg of A Practical Wedding had to reconcile being a feminist and wanting to get her hair and makeup done. Don’t worry, it all works out.

And now, off-topic, but just so you know what else feminists are up to these days:

Fannie’s Room talks about how the gay rights movement is throwing reproductive rights under the bus in The Oppressed Gay Male Oppressor.

Mad Kane’s Political Madness offers a great limerick about the Christian Domestic Discipline marriages (that’s where God tells you to beat your wife) with Religion Hits Bottoms.

Yes Means Yes Blog discusses Affirmative Consent As Legal Standard?

Cynthia Bateman of Blog About It explains why Women In Combat should happen.

LonerGrrrl hates being The Office Housewife.

Thanks for joining me for this edition of the Feminist Carnival! If you loved it (of course you did) be sure to submit to the next edition of the carnival here. Past posts and future hosts can be found on the blog carnival index page.

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16 responses to “Feminist Blog Carnival No. 16: Beauty Edition!

  1. Thanks for including me & good work on producing the carnival. Lots of interesting stuff here! x

  2. Thanks for including re:Cycling! There’s actually a more detailed post with critique of the Kotex ads in this thread, if readers are interested. (It’s also linked within the post you linked to.)

  3. Thanks so much for including my post. Great carnival, lots of fab reading for Easter hols!

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  6. Thanks so much for including me in this project! It was truly an honor. And thank you to everyone else for having the courage to say what needs to be said.

  7. Hey, thanks for including me! I’m so looking forward to reading all the posts. What an excellent idea!

  8. Love this carnival, and thanks for the inclusion, Beauty Schooled! xo

  9. Nicely done blog carnival! Thanks for including me.

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  13. Digger

    Jill currently has two brilliant posts about beauty up at I Blame the Patriarchy

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  16. When begin the next blog carnival?

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